How to Use Kindle on iPad?

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Tired of having too many devices lying around? Cellphones, iPads, Kindles, iPods, Fitbits, etc… Here is a simple way to use one less device. You can download the Kindle App for the iPad. It is simple, and allows you to read all of your favorite timeless classics or current bestsellers in one simple application – without going out and buying a Kindle.

The first thing you are going to have to do is turn on your iPad. The great thing about the iPad is its ease of use. After turning on the iPad, you will want to open up the App Store. This can be somewhat overwhelming when you think of the hundreds of thousands of apps that exist out there. The good thing is that there is search function, and it takes you right to where you want to go. Simple tap your finger in the upper right hand corner next to the magnifying glass, and type ‘Kindle’, then enter on your keypad. The very first app that appears should be the Amazon Kindle app, and it should also be free. That is awesome, right? You are about to turn your iPad into a Kindle without paying the $100-$200 cost of a Kindle. It’s free.

You are going to tap the word ‘free’ in the box next to the Kindle app in the list of apps that have been returned by your search. After that, you will want to tap that box again when it changes to ‘install app.’ You may have to type your Apple ID password into the box if it pops up during the process. It is important to remember this password as you will need it anytime you download apps from the app store. Then, the magic happens. The app will start downloading to your iPad. The screen will shift from the app store to the page where the Kindle app will appear. You will see the app on the page, and underneath it you will see the word ‘Loading.’ This should not take too long, depending on your internet connection, but it may be a good time to get a snack ready for your upcoming book-reading extravaganza.

When the Kindle app is fully installed on your iPad, it will no longer say loading underneath the icon. Tap the Kindle app icon, and the app will open. You will need to sign in to your Amazon account, and in a moment of brilliance, your books will appear on the screen for you to easily select and read. You can also access the virtual bookstore and add more books to your collection to be read at your leisure.

Once the app is open, retrieve your carefully prepared healthy snack and get ready to read. Tap on the book that you have chosen. The book will open, and simple swiping will take you through the pages of your favorite tale to be swept away into its wonder. Settings for brightness and text size can customize the experience to your liking. Enjoy!

Now you can put away your game on Clash Royale PC and finally read your kindle on your iPad!

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