How Can I Protect Myself Against A Trojan Horse?

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Steps You Can Take To Protect Your System against Trojan Horses

Trojan horses can give hackers access to your computer. They can do anything from recording and sending your personal information to giving hackers complete control of your system. You can take several steps to help protect your computer against Trojan horses.

Active Malware Protection

The first and most effective step is to use active malware protection at all times. This means using a professional program that is always scanning the software that is downloaded to your computer. The programs look for specific code signatures that indicate a file contains a Trojan horse. These applications will actually alert you during the download or before you install the software so that your computer stays safe.

Never Download From Unknown Websites or Emails

A second tip is to never download from unknown or suspicious websites and emails. A large number of Trojan horses are delivered through spoofed or fake websites that really do not contain the content claimed. An email or website might look like it belongs to your bank or the sweepstakes. Any files that it tells you to download will be full of Trojan horses that can become buried deep within your operating system so they are difficult to remove.

Do Not Click On Popups

Do not click on any popups. Many hackers use popups to trick you into clicking a button that will install a Trojan horse on the computer. If a popup window appears, close it by right-clicking and selecting exit or by using the X in the corner to quit. Do not click on the OK or cancel buttons since these can be easily remapped to fool you into granting a program permission to be installed. Using a popup blocker is an even better idea.

Scan For Trojan Horses Regularly

You want to have some type of antivirus program that will scan your entire computer for signs of a Trojan horse. You should run this program around once a week if you go online regularly. The application will check to see whether any critical system files, libraries, processes or registry entries have been replaced with something malicious. Most of these programs can actually remove or disable the Trojan horse so that hackers cannot access, monitor or take control of your computer.

Activate Your Firewall

Many people today deactivate the firewall because it causes interference with some applications or with games. If you feel like your version of the Clash Royale PC game you’ve downloaded is wonky, then maybe check the official website to see what it says about the game. If you are concerned about Trojan horses, then be certain that your firewall is active at all times. Set the security level to higher than normal. The firewall is going to actively block the Trojan horse from sending or receiving information with remote servers. It will even alert you in certain circumstances when a Trojan horse is attempting to contact a hacker.

Watch For Unexplained Performance Issues

A final step is to watch for unexplained performance issues on your computer. This could be sudden slowdowns, unusually low network speeds or random messages about applications you did not install. These issues can be a sign that a Trojan horse was installed on your computer. The solution is to run a complete scan with an antivirus program and to check your installed applications for unknown software.

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