5 Tips on How to Keep your Keyboard Clean

As essential parts of our computers, keyboards may cause us serious trouble if left unclean. Delayed tasks and disease-causing bacteria are just two of these problems that are related to messy keyboards.

The following are tips to avoid keyboard related problems.

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Keep your hands clean

Clean hands are not only pleasing to the eyes; they also keep the things we touch tidy. A good practice to follow when working on your computers is to avoid contact with food or other wet substances. When you have the urge to drink or eat during work hours, it would be great to go out of your office and eat somewhere. You will be helping yourself stretch and do bits of physical activities if you do.

Cover your keyboards when not in use

Because your keyboard can easily store dust and other dirt, it would be wise to cover it after every use. If you’re using a laptop, closing it will not only keep it clean but will also help you save on battery usage. If dust accumulates in between your keys, they may become obstructed and hard, thus, you may not be able to manipulate them easily resulting in slow typing.

Keep a clean workplace

Now, even if you have done the above suggestions but you work in a place that is not tidy or one that is exposed to the elements, your keyboards will still gather dust and dirt. It is, therefore, necessary to keep your workplace clean and free from unnecessary accumulation of useless items and stuff.

Do a regular cleaning

Finally, do regular cleaning of your office and your computers. Because personal computers need careful maintenance, it would be of great benefit to them and to you as the user to set a regular time to clean them. One of the ways to clean your keyboard is to wipe it with a cloth sprayed with alcohol. This will eliminate bacteria and other microorganisms that may cause sickness. You may also use cotton buds to clean the spaces underneath the keys. Lastly, keep the keyboard dry and covered.

Why You Must Log Out after Using your Computer?

With the advent of the internet, it seems like nothing can be considered a secret or private anymore. With the estimated 4.2B internet users out of the 7.6B world population, nothing appears to be a piece of isolated information any longer.

Do you remember what you put at risk if you forget to log out each time you go online? Here are some things we have to be careful of.

Keeping personal information

Our personal information and details including our location can be stored online each time we use the internet. Let us be careful that we do not automatically save this confidential information especially if we are using wifi or public computer. Many individuals have become victims to scam and phishing because they have left their accounts logged in after they have finished using them.

Avoiding hacks

Hacks are a common happening. Even a seemingly innocent link that you accidentally click can jeopardize your accounts and confidential files. Thus, aside from making sure you log out after using an online account, you also have to log out from other devices you use. Regularly changing your password will ensure that you are somehow safe from hackers.


The threat of the virus has always been there since the beginning or creation of computers. Despite several attempts at updating and improving virus protection, the threat thrives on and even becomes more devastating. The least that we can do to protect our computer systems and files is to log out of our accounts every time we finish using them.

File protection

Finally, we need to log out from our online accounts to ensure that our files are protected not only from the virus but also from being lost or corrupted. A number of ways have been provided to store our files online for our own convenience. However, if our online storage is accessible by certain malicious entities, we might find ourselves victims to cyber crimes or activities such as theft and bullying.

Tips on Choosing the Best Mouse for your PC

Having a mouse that fits your lifestyle is surely a big plus. Most of us know that working on our PC with a wired mouse can sometimes be annoying especially when cords tangle. Using a wireless mouse could also be a problem when we sometimes drop them, misplace them or the battery runs low. Whatever your situation is, here are tips that might help you find the mouse that will work best for you.


A hardware feature that everybody needs is user-friendly. This does not mean that a mouse should be very simple and plain though. It must be something that has enough functions to assist you in browsing and surfing, of course. To be user-friendly means the mouse will be easy to handle and master just like playing card games.


A number of mouse brands and styles can be found in computer hardware shops, and it can sometimes be tempting to buy certain famous brands and attractive packaging. However, we must always bear in mind that the price or brand name should not dictate us. We should learn to be practical and keep our budget intact. Comparing features and looking at different sites can really be helpful. You’ll be amazed that some mice cost as cheap as your favorite unblocked game.


Sometimes even famous brands do not produce durable items. The worse thing that could happen is when you buy a famous brand and the mouse doesn’t last long. Let us try to read reviews and ask around as to what brand or features make the best mouse. In this way, we can decide which to buy even before going to the shop or the online store.


Again, by reading or watching reviews, you can determine if the mouse is reliable or dependable. This means the mouse will be functioning well according to its purpose. There could be a fancy-looking mouse in attractive and stylish shape that will turn out to be a waste of your money and time.


Finally, choose a mouse that is light and small enough to be carried around especially when you have to work in different locations or if you will be traveling. A mouse that can be placed in your pocket or handbag will be a good choice because you can simply pair it with any computer you will use outside your home or office.

How Can I Protect Myself Against A Trojan Horse?

trojan horse

Steps You Can Take To Protect Your System against Trojan Horses

Trojan horses can give hackers access to your computer. They can do anything from recording and sending your personal information to giving hackers complete control of your system. You can take several steps to help protect your computer against Trojan horses.

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How Can I Tell If I’ve Been Hacked?

How Can I Tell If I've Been Hacked?

Your computer may keep your deepest secrets, that you may not want to share with anyone else, so you hide them inside your computer.

Maybe you’re not one to keep secrets, and you simply use your computer as a way to get things done faster. No matter what you use your computer for, it’s possible for it to be hacked, and many people have been hacked. Nowadays, it’s possible to hack a social media account, so hacking a computer is no big deal. Those who are good enough to hack social media accounts, may also be able to hack anything attached to a computer or network.


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How to Use Kindle on iPad?

Computer Buying Basics

Tired of having too many devices lying around? Cellphones, iPads, Kindles, iPods, Fitbits, etc… Here is a simple way to use one less device. You can download the Kindle App for the iPad. It is simple, and allows you to read all of your favorite timeless classics or current bestsellers in one simple application – without going out and buying a Kindle.

The first thing you are going to have to do is turn on your iPad. The great thing about the iPad is its ease of use. After turning on the iPad, you will want to open up the App Store. This can be somewhat overwhelming when you think of the hundreds of thousands of apps that exist out there. The good thing is that there is search function, and it takes you right to where you want to go. Simple tap your finger in the upper right hand corner next to the magnifying glass, and type ‘Kindle’, then enter on your keypad. The very first app that appears should be the Amazon Kindle app, and it should also be free. That is awesome, right? You are about to turn your iPad into a Kindle without paying the $100-$200 cost of a Kindle. It’s free.

You are going to tap the word ‘free’ in the box next to the Kindle app in the list of apps that have been returned by your search. After that, you will want to tap that box again when it changes to ‘install app.’ You may have to type your Apple ID password into the box if it pops up during the process. It is important to remember this password as you will need it anytime you download apps from the app store. Then, the magic happens. The app will start downloading to your iPad. The screen will shift from the app store to the page where the Kindle app will appear. You will see the app on the page, and underneath it you will see the word ‘Loading.’ This should not take too long, depending on your internet connection, but it may be a good time to get a snack ready for your upcoming book-reading extravaganza.

When the Kindle app is fully installed on your iPad, it will no longer say loading underneath the icon. Tap the Kindle app icon, and the app will open. You will need to sign in to your Amazon account, and in a moment of brilliance, your books will appear on the screen for you to easily select and read. You can also access the virtual bookstore and add more books to your collection to be read at your leisure.

Once the app is open, retrieve your carefully prepared healthy snack and get ready to read. Tap on the book that you have chosen. The book will open, and simple swiping will take you through the pages of your favorite tale to be swept away into its wonder. Settings for brightness and text size can customize the experience to your liking. Enjoy!

Now you can put away your game on Clash Royale PC and finally read your kindle on your iPad!

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