Why You Must Log Out after Using your Computer?

With the advent of the internet, it seems like nothing can be considered a secret or private anymore. With the estimated 4.2B internet users out of the 7.6B world population, nothing appears to be a piece of isolated information any longer.

Do you remember what you put at risk if you forget to log out each time you go online? Here are some things we have to be careful of.

Keeping personal information

Our personal information and details including our location can be stored online each time we use the internet. Let us be careful that we do not automatically save this confidential information especially if we are using wifi or public computer. Many individuals have become victims to scam and phishing because they have left theirĀ accounts logged in after they have finished using them.

Avoiding hacks

Hacks are a common happening. Even a seemingly innocent link that you accidentally click can jeopardize your accounts and confidential files. Thus, aside from making sure you log out after using an online account, you also have to log out from other devices you use. Regularly changing your password will ensure that you are somehow safe from hackers.


The threat of the virus has always been there since the beginning or creation of computers. Despite several attempts at updating and improving virus protection, the threat thrives on and even becomes more devastating. The least that we can do to protect our computer systems and files is to log out of our accounts every time we finish using them.

File protection

Finally, we need to log out from our online accounts to ensure that our files are protected not only from the virus but also from being lost or corrupted. A number of ways have been provided to store our files online for our own convenience. However, if our online storage is accessible by certain malicious entities, we might find ourselves victims to cyber crimes or activities such as theft and bullying.

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